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You've Got Questions, He's Got Answers

By Sara Louise @cestmoisaralou

you've got questions, he's got answers

{Gregory's favorite photo}

Just a little over a year ago, Gregory, being pretty much the sweetest most supportive husband ever, agreed to sit down and answer all of your questions in a vlog. Well kids, I think it's about time we do it again, don't you? After all, a whole lot has happened in the past thirteen months, like a whole lot.
So if there is anything you'd like to know about Monsieur Gregory, or life in The LPV, his new life in the U.S., how he's coping with being 5200 miles apart from Mr. London... or you know, anything, now is the time to ask!
Go ahead and leave a question down there in the comment section, and he'll do his very best to answer it. Et voila!
(I'm keeping it short and sweet today. I've got that Friday feeling!)
Bon weekend mes amis!

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