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You’re History

Posted on the 04 December 2018 by Steveawiggins @stawiggins

A story from Inside Higher Ed discusses a study of history majors and their rapid decline.This occurs during a sudden onset of “job related” majors and the graph accompanying the article shows how STEM has taken over higher education.These are the fields with actual occupations awaiting them at the end of the degree, while disciplines such as history and religion (also very near the bottom) have less clear career paths.Indeed, when I’ve been in the job market I find that a religion degree is less than useless, no matter what the department recruiters tell you.If you’re not bound for the clergy you undertake the study at your own peril.History, I expect, suffers from a similar dynamic, but the peril in this case is to all of civilization.

We’ve seen over the past two years how a stunning lack of knowledge of history sets a nation on the path to chaos.Businessmen with no classical education don’t make good national leaders.Knowing where we’ve been, as Santayana so eloquently stated, is the only thing that keeps us from repeating past failures.History is our only safeguard in this respect.Over the Thanksgiving break I spent a little time delving into family history.Since I don’t come from illustrious lineage, I felt the frustration of finding out what happened to obscure people from the last couple of centuries.Lack of history on a personal level.On a professional level, my doctorate is really in the history of religions (ancient religions) and I’ve become keenly aware of just how little history there is to the very popular modern Fundamentalist movement.

Maybe I said that wrong.They do have a history, but the belief system that is touted as ancient is really quite modern.Anti-modern, in fact.When historical knowledge is lacking, however, people can make all kinds of claims based on nothing more than wishful thinking.History keeps us honest.Or it used to.When we’ve outlived the need for history we’ve started down a path unlit by any embers of past human foibles.We’ve been living in a culture in love with technology but not so much with critical reflection of where such innovations might take us.Doctors are beginning to complain that they spend more time on their computers than with their patients.The time freed up by the internet has been taken up by the internet.And when all of this comes to its natural culmination, we would be well served by historians to make a record of what went wrong.  If we could find any.

You’re History

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