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You Never Have To Drink A Warm Beer Again

By Gerard @presurfer
You Never Have To Drink A Warm Beer Again
Few things can ruin a party like warm beer. You can pack ice around it all you want; you're still going to be waiting half an hour for it to get cold and you'll probably still crack it open too soon. LG unveiled a new refrigerator that comes with the handiest feature since the built-in ice maker: a Blast Chiller that can cool a can of beer or soda to ice cold in just a few minutes.
The compartment cools at an accelerated rate and swirls the air inside to keep the temperature evenly distributed. A 12 oz. can of soda or beer can be chilled to ice cold in five minutes. In eight minutes, the same can happen with a bottle of wine or two soda cans.The Presurfer

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