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You Got to Make a Declaration!

Posted on the 25 March 2016 by Mihir23192 @mihir23192

You Got to Make a Declaration!Emotions are also like stock market where it has tendency to wave the pendulum on one side or another. Often times we are in emotionally drained & down situation and sometimes we are in over-confident situation.

It's never centred & still. The one who is successful in balancing this state and keep on execution wins the race in longer run. It doesn't matter what he is pursuing.

I also find myself in unbalanced situation often times and I believe the same would be the case with you too. I occasionally feel whatever I am doing is not yielding any results. It's time to change.

And just with this thought I am tempted to leave the current project/task and move on to another.

I struggled with this over time and found a better solution to stick to it. The solution is here.

You Got to Make a Declaration!

Declare whatever you are doing or pursuing. Whether you are making a note on a company, finding a universe of the companies to track, back-testing any idea or any damn thing.


If you find something important to pursue, Declare that you are trying to do this and your timeline is x number of days.

Frankly speaking, nobody cares what you are doing but subconsciously it creates commitment bais in your mind. It helps you to stick to it.

You don't like to be portrayed as unproductive person, you don't like to recognized as a non-performer. It keeps you going.

You subconsciously think, "I already told everyone about my task, they will ask me and they will hold me accountable for it."

Though you know that nobody gives a damn what you are upto.

So, try it out. Leverage your commitment bais. Make a declaration. On your blog. On Twitter or On Facebook.

And than see the magic 😉

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