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Getting Things Done – Two Different Perspective

Posted on the 28 December 2017 by Mihir23192 @mihir23192

At work, everyone is busy getting things done. Everyone is trying to meet deadlines and tick off the most urgent task of the moment. Either you are getting a follow-up call or mail or you have to be in time. You are always on your toes. This is the story pretty much for all of us, no matter at what level you are working, be it any industry or any designation. That's what everybody does, everyday or may be the whole life.

It does the work but it's not salable. It's not efficient. But hey, that's a one way to work.

Another way to work is develop an SOP(Standard Operating Procedures) and delegate them to assistant.

Whenever you see a pattern in work, where you feel it's getting repetitive, you attend those tasks yourself but with an aim to eventually delegate it to your assistant. Over and above getting those things done, you are also developing an SOPs so that it can be easily delegated and it can be delegated further if a person resigns or gets replaced. I know it's an extra work, and writing those things in a word document is a real mental juggle.

Some of you may say, you don't get to have an assistant. That's right. Even if you won't have an assistant and you will end up doing things all by yourself, than also you should batch those processes and do it yourself. It's a mindset.

I see it as an efficient mental model. Your task is not to get the things done, but your task is to scale. Scale gives you the larger bottom-line not your time which you trade for few buck.

All the while, you have your priorities fixed so that you can focus more on important things while repetitive tasks are being taken by assistants. Moreover, you are generating systems which is helping your organization as well as your personal work ethic.

This works irrespective of industries, sectors, designations or countries.

This has benefited me a lot. And it should work for you too.

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