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You Can't Go Strawberry Picking

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
We were standing in the kitchen talking about everything going on during the next few days when I mentioned that Daddy and Mommy were going strawberry picking Saturday. The girls are camping with their Girl Scout Troop this weekend. It seemed like a good idea for Daddy and Mommy to go strawberry picking. The timing was right and we had some free time.

The blond twin immediately protested. She said, "You can't go strawberry picking without us."

Actually, what she meant was Mommy doesn't go strawberry picking. It's something Daddy and his girls do every year.
The reality is Daddy picks 75% of the strawberries. The girls spend most of the time playing in the field and complaining about picking strawberries. In their minds, though, strawberry picking is a Daddy/daughter activity. Mommy can join them, but strawberry picking cannot be done without them.
This morning Daddy and his girls piled into the car to go strawberry picking. Daddy took a vacation day, so he was ready to go. As they left, the girls kept saying they were so sorry I had to stay home and work. I think, though, that they were happy to be alone with Daddy. Strawberry picking is their activity for now. Sooner than we'd like they'll be busy with jobs and sports tournaments and strawberry picking will be a fond memory. For now, though, they all  have one more year in the fields together.

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