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You Can’t Be What You Can’t See

By Erikalust

Today I bring you two trailers for two great documentary initiatives, one about the misrepresentation of women and their sexuality in society, and one about the value of Sex Ed.

So first, Miss Representation, a documentary by Actor and Filmmaker Jennifer Siebel Newsom. A mix of statistics, facts, testimonials, and proof that women are still judged for their body and no their mind.

Women are never the protagonists. If they are the protagonist, it’s some drama about getting the guy or something. It’s never really about finding your destiny or whatever the way they say for the guys. Like in Star Trek, it’s like this is your destiny—being powerful, being the captain—but if it were a girl, they wouldn’t say that. And what’s weird about it is that it seems normal for us.  We don’t question it, we don’t say, ‘Why isn’t a girl the protagonist or why isn’t a girl powerful?’”

I also want to talk about this film by James Houston: “Let’s Talk About Sex

“The film’s director James Houston, an Australian fashion photographer now based in New York, tries to make sense of our contradicting attitudes about sex and sexuality by talking to the people they most affect: teens and their families. The film’s groundbreaking research includes testimony from experts and an examination of how other nations have succeeded at protecting adolescent sexual health where the U.S. is failing. A winner of the Youth Award at the Mostra de Ciencia e Cinema Festival and an official selection of the Provincetown International Film Festival, LET’S TALK ABOUT SEX challenges the viewer to take on this often uncomfortable subject and help protect the future of our young people.”

The website also features a “Resources for Youth” section, and stats such as this one: “Every day, 2.400 American teens become pregnant“. Well, that gives you perspective…

We definitely more projects like these two, to make people understand sexuality is not all figured out in our society.

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