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Feminism and the Guys

By Erikalust

Thanks to I’ve discovered this new book by Michael Kaufman and Michael Kimmel called The Guy’s Guide to Feminism.

Both authors are educators and dedicate their time teaching boys and men about gender equality.

Of course it caught my attention: I think feminism needs men not only to do more but also to show that it’s not about a war between women and men but a mutual effort to make things better for everybody. Men are also pretty useful for sex… a good understanding of women’s rights is important for men to have healthy sexual relations.

In porn, many men also need a change and they’re bored with the typical gender representations. With today’s men, a skinny blonde with big boobs might not do the trick, so they’re also entitled to change their standards and create a better product.

Here are a few reviews the authors would like to hear from their readers, it’s pretty funny actually:

“I read The Guys Guide and I’ve completely changed my mind on abortion rights. What an inconsiderate sexist I used to be!”
Rick Perry, Republican candidate for the US Presidency.

“I finally get it! I guess women should be priests after all. Thanks Michael & Michael for setting me straight!”
The Pope

“Hmm. Maybe we should just pillage from now on. I’m going to order copies of The Guys Guide to Feminism for all my men.”
Attila the Hun

Check it out!

Feminism and the Guys

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