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You Better Swatch Out!

By Fetesvosyeux

Hello dear,
Ever since my mother gave me my first watch for my 21st birthday, I've been all into watches. The bigger, the better. Which is kind of strange since I've never ever liked things on my arms. I did have a watch when I was little with all kinds of animals on it. I think I still have it somewhere, it was a Swatch. Swatch is a Swiss brand that has been ruling the watch industry for quite some time (30 years!). The good thing about Swatch is that they design for a very broad audience. Their use of color is amazing. My former roommate (the one who lives in Paris, remember) has one of their models in several colors. I remember her saying that she loved how fun it was to have a choice every morning depending on her mood and outfit.
You better swatch out!
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