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"You Are Only as Good as Your Worst Kid"

By Danikaherrick @danikaherrick
A freind of mine that told that a few years ago, and I can't agree more. Sorry for the light week of posts. I am having one of those weeks.  My kids have 2 days off from school this week which threw off my usual routine, and now my youngest has to have an emergency tooth extraction for two of his front teeth.   He has been in a lot of pain and neither one of us is sleeping. We were suppose to have the surgery done yesterday, but they had to cancel.  See, we have a problem. No food or drink for 8 hours before. Joe LOVES food. I means really loves its.  Here is a mini montage of photos I have snapped from my phone in the past. I have walked in on him licking the empty popsicle maker...  Foraging...  Baking with me...  but more commonly making his own concotions...
So keeping food and drink out of the picture hasn't been easy.
On our way to our 3:00 surgery appointment  yesterday  he ate a piece of gum he found in the car (new, not ABC gum).  The doctor said "No way. Reschedule."
 We rescheduled it for this morning at 8:30- we watched him vigilantly since he woke up at 5 am, finally get him into the car with his big brother to do the school drop off, I buckle them in, run to lock the door and grab a backpack, and come back 30 seconds later to find him stuffing something in his mouth. NOOOO!!!! I had taken him to get a smoothie and a snack after we got dismissed with the gum swallowing at 3:00 yesterday.  He was starving from not having eaten all day. He scarfed down the smoothie and I thought the cookie too.  Nope. He had hid a chunk of it in the slide out cup holders in his carseat.
Second surgery cancelled.  The people there now really hate me for wasting their time.  They think I have the filthiest car crammed with bits of food everywhere. I want to bang my head against the wall.  I want my son to sleep and not be in pain.  I want to sleep.
SO we are on for 10 am tomorrow. No food again after midnight. Third times the charm, right?

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