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One Room Challenge Fall 2021- Week 1

By Danikaherrick @danikaherrick
So after many years of wanting to do this, and missing the boat, I am finally doing the One Room Challenge.  I have several rooms that need serious help, but I decided to go with our junk collecting spare room.  Now before I show you all the ugly before shots, let's talk about the plan.  This room is going to be a workhorse and will serve as a guest room/ my sewing room/ studio.  My fabric design world has spilled out of my office, into my dining room and things are totally out of control.  I plan on rounding up all my fabric and 3 sewing machines and creating a sewing room in the closet of the spare room.  I will also have a work table/ desk in the room to increase my work area.  There will be a tented daybed and lots of fabric.  I am designing a few new patterns just for the occasion.  This room will mostly serve as my work area, but I want to create a cozy nook for a guest to sleep in.  Being able to hide the fabric area is essential!The color palate will be warm terracottas, slate blue, cream and a pinch of dusty lavender...
One Room Challenge Fall 2021- Week 1
So lets talk about my "to-do" list:
-Rip out stained old carpet and create a painted floor.- Wallpaper walls with grasscloth.-Change light fixture and add sconces to daybed.-Build daybed into eves area.-Rip out closet wire shelving, wallpaper closet, build new storage and work/desk area.-Remove closet doors and add curtains.-Design and recolor 4-5 new fabric patterns.-SEW: Curtains, daybed canopy, dust ruffle, bedding, table skirt.-Recover bench and chair.-Find area rug.-Figure out furniture and accessories.
There is a ton to do, and the amount of sewing is actually feeling a little overwhelming.The room itself has some funky (bad funky) architectural features like strange eves. Take a look...
One Room Challenge Fall 2021- Week 1I am determined to make that random, double eve go away. There are 2 eves, different sized, and they just make no sense.You also bump your head on that big eve, so I need to incorporate it into the design so guests don't need a helmet.
One Room Challenge Fall 2021- Week 1My plan is to build the bed in and use that slant to work with the canopy.I placed a twin mattress and it fits right in there.Stay tuned, still not quite sure how I am going to do this...
One Room Challenge Fall 2021- Week 1Please note the coffee and paint stains every where! This house came with white carpets. WHO DOES THAT? We have teenage boys and they destroyed them the first month we were here. Can't wait to tear them out.
On other fronts, the other side of the room has a big closet I plan on turning into my sewing space.I will stick an additional desk in the window for more surface area.I already have the closet doors off (they are just leaning up against it).And if I have time I need to figure out how to get rid of or disguise the sanded ceilings. I hate them so much... add that to the list.
One Room Challenge Fall 2021- Week 1
This week, my goal is to empty the room and rip out the carpets.  I also need to design and order my fabric.  Follow along on Instagram for more behind the scenes, I am sure I will be polling you guys on the final choices.Please don't forget to check out all the other amazing ORC projects here! See you next week!

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