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Yoder Brothers Mercantile in Wakarusa, Indiana

By Jessicanunemaker @JessNunemaker

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Yoder Brothers Mercantile in Wakarusa, Indiana

Yoder Brothers Mercantile in Wakarusa, Indiana

Wakarusa, Indiana

Wall to wall and floor to ceiling, little Indiana and hubby were constantly oohing and aahing at all the fantastic Indiana antiques.

Yoder Brothers Mercantile in Wakarusa, Indiana

The building itself is awesome. Right away the owner pointed down the length of his shop at two indentations way down the line in the original hardwood flooring.

Those are from years ago when a cash register and sales clerk hung out thataway–in the days when this was a department store!

Pretty neat, eh? It just gets better.

He told us about the hand-operated freight elevator in the back of the shop, the last one left in this tiny Indiana town. While it’s not something you would want to use, we got to take a peek inside. I bet if you ask nicely, he’d let you look, too.

Around The Outside

Yoder Brothers Mercantile in Wakarusa, Indiana

Yoder Brothers Mercantile in Wakarusa, Indiana

You’ll be totally shocked to see ANOTHER building in the back. Well, you would have been if I hadn’t of told you!

Since we were there on the most beautiful Summer day ever–the door was open revealing a green-space in the back. There was even a little pond.

Get a load of the outside of the building there. It is awesome. Then head back inside because there’s a whole second side to this giant Indiana antique shop!

What Lurks Below

I still have to tell you what was in the basement. The long, dark basement. You’ll want to come back for that–for sure! It’s a rather creepy look at  bit of Indiana history.

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Yoder Brothers Mercantile/Wakarusa Tribune
114 S. Elkhart Street
Wakarusa, Indiana

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