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Yesterday Morning Around 9:20am, While Crossing the Stree...

By A Mused Blog @Amusedblog
Yesterday morning around 9:20am, while crossing the street in a crosswalk, and having the right-away, I was struck by a vehicle making a wide left hand turn. My body was flung. The handbag I was carrying, along with the sunglasses I was wearing were flung much farther. I have no idea how fast the car was going, but it didn't seem to slow down. I was taken by ambulance to the emergency room, given blood work, x-rays and CT scans. I am so incredibly thankful to be alive. I remember while being flung the feeling of floating: I looked up to the sky, and thought that I was dying, or perhaps already dead.
I have no broken bones, and am at home resting. I alternate between feeling like this was all a terrible nightmare, and breaking down emotionally. I am afraid to be left alone. I'm afraid to sleep, for fear of not waking up. I was so cautious crossing the street, as I always am. I wasn't on my phone, and I looked before stepping into the crosswalk.
I will be taking time from posting to rest.

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