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Yellow Snow: Yellow Snow

Posted on the 25 September 2020 by Hctf @hctf
Yellow Snow: Yellow Snow

Five Polish avant-proggers named their band Yellow Snow, a dead gvieawyafor Frank Zappa fans. Kuba Kleinschmidt, Piotr Kleinschmidt, Jędrzej Dobaczewski, Andrzej Wasielewski and Maciej Trawka don't want to be tied to a single genre, or multiple ones for that matter, and their self-title album is all over the place, something they have in common wiht the sprawling discography of their hero.

Kicking off with two songs about Al Bundy the ant--hero from Married... with Children they set the tone for a trip to an ambient attraction that turn into funk and back to ambient again (Aluzje), a churning guitar and keyboards sideshow (Jeffrey), and a dreamy post-rock stop-over (Potrey). By then the unitiated will have giving up on account of musical overload, but they will miss out on nuggets like the Mothers of Invention psych pastiche Love and the distorted goodness of I Go Away.

Yellow Snow is a self-released album. Full stream on Soundcloud and Spotify.

  1. Workin Hours (Al Bundy Suite)
  2. Al Bundy
  3. Aluzje
  4. Hello Yellow
  5. Jeffrey
  6. The Funkiest
  7. Trey
  8. Potrey
  9. Eat That Snow
  10. Before Love
  11. Love
  12. Szczal W Kolano
  13. I Go Away
  14. Mazaldas
  15. Szkola Latania Ikar

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