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YEAR TWO - First Blooms

By Dyarnell @dyarnell
Given that last year was the first summer here in Winnipeg for me there were quite a few perennials that I started last year but that did not bloom until this year, plus more new plants added this year than I had expected. 
So this post focuses exclusively on plants that are blooming for the first time in my gardens.
YEAR TWO - first bloomsThese orange oriental poppies were planted last year but no blooms made an appearance. I am very glad to see them as I have actively been looking to add more orange.
YEAR TWO - first bloomsLast year's Foxglove did not survive the winter, these were just added this year. Despite the blooms I will wait until next year to make any judgment of success or failure.
YEAR TWO - first bloomsI added ten of this primrose to the Sun garden this spring  and while it may be yellow that is about as far as as the similarities between it and the Sundrops I have at the Ontario cottage.  There are fewer blooms but they are substantially bigger, while the plants are substantially smaller.
YEAR TWO - first bloomsOf the 25 Dutch Iris I planted last fall only 2 have bloomed including this white one and a purple one.  Perhaps not enough sun?
YEAR TWO - first bloomsThe Sea Holly is just beginning to turn blue. I have two different kinds, both planted lat year but neither accomplished much to speak of in year one, in fact I am happily surprised to see both of them back in year two.
YEAR TWO - first bloomsThis Delphinium was planted last year as a test and since it was coming along healthily I added two more this spring, however they are not doing as well so I may no longer pursue these in the Monet Garden.
YEAR TWO - first bloomsThese Malva were given to me as a friend last year and struggled but this year are seeming quite healthy.
YEAR TWO - first bloomsAllium Graceful in the foreground was added last fall while the pale purple spikes of Campanula were direct sown as seeds last year and never got around to blooming.
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