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YARD ART - Introducing Our Fountain

By Dyarnell @dyarnell
From the time we moved in to our new home over a year and a half ago I had been thinking about a fountain and researching through numerous Pinterest posts the idea of building my own fountain.
Then I mentioned it to my husband who immediately fell in love with the idea and two weeks later we had a fountain. I like to gather lots of information before making a decision and he prefers to just get things done. This balance is one of the ways we complement each other, and let me tell you, I am very glad we have our fountain already rather than waiting to build one.  (I can always build another later!)
YARD ART - introducing our fountainNext year I will add plants around its base to give it a rounded appearance and to hide the square concrete base. Suggestions for low-growing, zone 3, part-sun, deer & rabbit resistant, long-blooming, white perennials welcomed.
YARD ART - introducing our fountainIt was early September so we were eager to get it out for the limited frost-free nights ahead. We drove it in the back of our SUV onto the lawn after dark, placing it off-centre and closer to the rounded edges of the Moon Garden and our bench, rather than in the center of the lawn. 
YARD ART - introducing our fountainOur fabulous neighbor stopped by to toast our new addition. We love any reason to use the bench in the front and this new addition is a great one. Not only does it look great but it has a great sound: as the chamber in the base empties the sound of running water becomes higher pitched and more audible, a kind of musical 'tinkling' sound. 
YARD ART - introducing our fountainI like asymmetry so this modern style was just up my alley, and it is plug & play: run an extension cord and fill the basin and you are good to go. 
As you can see it also adds winter interest which is a nice bonus.

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