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* Yaawwnnn, It's Monday!

By Keepingupwithsonnek @aJOschlomka
This will be a post with a little bit about everything... so it will be LONG and full of weekend details, basically stuff I just don't want to forget- so feel free to pass this one by (BUT there is a great photo sneak peek at the end) so if anything scroll to the bottom! ;)
This weekend was a great weekend spent around home! These weekends are few and far between for us, so they are worth a mention and ones that we don't want to forget too easily.
Friday I began the journey of trying to figure out what the HECK is wrong with my neck!? My first steps (before a doctor visit) is to try out the art of massage. I have had problems with major discomfort and stress to my left neck muscle. I feel like it's a combination of carrying ALL of my pregnancy weight from 2010/11 in my belly and now that Avrie is here- carrying her on my left hip. The simplest of things will trigger neck pain/stiffness; driving, doing laundry, dishes, serving, working at my desk, talking on the phone (yeah so... like EVERYTHING I do!) Anyway, I went for a massage on Friday night and I am not sure how much it helped, we will see- I am thinking I will have to give it a try a time or two again to really know. See you again soon Adevia!
Saturday I began the day with getting little Miss Avrie ready for a day with Grandma Ertle! I had plans all day that had me needing a sitter and Aaron had to work in the morning. Once gma E was here at 10:30am and Avrie was packed up, they headed out for some shopping and a day of fun which included; a run to the DMV, Gander Mountain, lunch, a visit to Mich's & sledding outside! I had a few minutes to finish up my makeup and find everything warm that I either borrowed or own- as I had plans to judge the Forest Lake Polar Plunge with my 'mommy' friend Amber as apart of Rotary.
* Yaawwnnn, It's Monday![L to R: Me, Amber, Tina, JeremyBottom L: two dudes covered in pink from head to toe- weirdos! hahaBottom R: Forest Lake ice sculpture]
This was rather random, as I was filling in for a judge that had to back out- BUT it was pretty fun(ny) watching the jumps and then being able give them a 'thumbs up', %#@!, ?, 'LAME' or a 0 - 10 for their efforts! We also got to pick the winning team, we decided on The Willow Lane Plunging Bears. They all jumped as Nerds. Really Nerdy Nerds- they did a great job, EVERYONE did a great job! I give so much credit to anyone willing to jump in freezing cold lake water for only a few seconds to jump right back out and dash to a hot tub!... I would never!
* Yaawwnnn, It's Monday![these girls jumped in HEELS!]
My favorite picture was snapped of a my friend Erika jumping (photo above)- I also recognized a few other friends jumping- they (Madison, Matt from YSB & Rick) all got a 10 from me! We, the judges, had fun even though we were FULLY aware that NO ONE really cared about our judging- except for the dude that waved to us, he got a 10 ;) It was still a good time and something that I have never done before- so thanks again, Amber for asking me to join!
* Yaawwnnn, It's Monday![photo that MIGHT appear on the front page of the FL times! we are BIG TIME!]
After the plunge I grabbed lunch to take home and warmed my little toes- they were about to fall off EVEN though I wore my warmest socks and boots! During lunch I enjoyed some DVR'd Grey's and then jumped in the shower. I had to get ready for Amber's SURPRISE 30th birthday party. In case you are wondering it's the same Amber (Hudson's mom) that I had just spent the entire morning/afternoon with!
I had a lot of fun talking with her all morning about what her husband had planned for her. Dinner reservations and an overnight somewhere. I was seeing that she really had NO idea that there would be a house full of people waiting for her later on hehe! Jeremy had told her to pack her bags and not to forget her swimsuit! Tricky hubby... he did a great job surprising Amber, she really had NO CLUE & was completely surprised! Aaron and I arrived at The Steven's house full of guests around 5:50pm- J & A walked in about 6:20pm to pick up her suitcase before dinner!
* Yaawwnnn, It's Monday! [I have no pictures from the night except for a picture of the cake/cupcakes]
The night was full of chatting with J & A's family and friends as they are new friends of ours. It was a good time. The  boys went out for a four wheeler ride on the lake at about 10:30pm and didn't get back until 1:30am! They found Amber and I both SOOOOOOOOOOOO TIRED! It was a long fun & exhausting day for the both of us!
Sunday... I got to sleep in until 10:30am!! Aaron was awesome and went to pick Avrie up from gma E's. Mom & Paul had plans to leave early for their weekend/early week get away Up North for their wedding Anniversary (tomorrow). After Avrie got home we played, she napped and then... she woke up with a fever and only wanted to snuggle aka "snuggo" on the couch- those were her exact requests. After some water and strawberries she finally came around at about 7pm so we had dinner... which ended in Avrie BARFING for the first time ever, EVER! She never even spit up this much while a baby. I truly believe this isn't because she is sick sick. She is just teething and got her self so worked up that she didn't know what to do but BARF. Poor baby, I felt SO bad putting her to bed EVEN though she was falling asleep in Aaron's arms on the couch a hour before her normal bedtime- which she NEVER EVER DOES!
* Yaawwnnn, It's Monday![enjoying our "sunggos" and movies]
She slept thru the night with one wake up at 10:30pm. She was laying on her belly just BAWLING! I couldn't see nothing wrong and there was no BARF, so this again tells me it has to be teeth. We rocked, I checked her diaper, took her temp and gave her some Tylenol. She went back down by 10:57pm and slept until 8am. She is up for the day with a little temp again and barely ate her breakfast. She is in good spirits and isn't having any problems hanging with her sitter for the day. So let's just hope that her 13th tooth pops soon!
And on THAT note... here is a sneak peek photo at my mini 'amature photog' session with my wedding dress and Avrie. More on this "event" and some of the sentimental details when I share a few more of the pics a little later this week or next.
* Yaawwnnn, It's Monday!
Happy Monday!

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