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.XYZ Registry Launches Searchable Domain Name Drop Tool

Posted on the 28 June 2016 by Worldwide @thedomains

The .XYZ registry has released a searchable tool for dropping .XYZ domain names.

You can see all the .XYZ domain names dropping today, tomorrow or those in pending delete on a drop down menu on the site.

Pending delete .XYZ domain names are those that will delete up to five days out.

For example as of publication there are 10,445 .XYZ pending delete domain, just over 2,000 domain names dropping today and 879 that will be dropping tomorrow.

The database is updated daily and can be downloaded.

The search function is less than great. as you can only search for domain names that start, end or contain a word or matching characters, so for the moment the download feature will be most useful in my opinion.

You can backorder .XYZ domains at,, and for the Chinese speaking domainers at or of course you can just try to register them at your favorite registrar.

The .XYZ registry says hundreds or more dropping domain names are re-registered on the day they are dropped of course depending on the day and the volume of dropping domains.

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