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X Gets It

Posted on the 13 April 2011 by Pelski
X Gets ItX first appeared on our radar last September, serving us a medley of crunk slunked Hip Hop beats - check the post here. Now he's back with early summer crops, varying the tempo from 123 bpm all the way to the top of 134 bpm. There's plenty of drunken African drums, with a strict regime of shuddery sub bass. Old school vocals make the grade, with an unexpectedly clean set of rave stabs in tow. The tracks are reasonably short, yet this is to be expected due to X's hip hop roots, as the late snare rattles off the end of each bar. I will definitely be dropping some of X's bass weighted tribal chops at our up and coming Pelski vs Jackmode party. Get the remaining tickets here!
Talented producers like X, refuse to reserve their talents for just one particular genre, and why should they? It's slightly archaic to stick to one's single barrel gun these days, all be it loyal to your singular cause. So to see a producer depart from their comfort zone, bringing a fresh cross fire of diversity and flavour is always a pleasure.
X Gets The Crest - When African Drums Ring Out

X Gets The Crest - Slow It Down...X Gets The Crest - Mind Does WonderDarkly

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