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Writing Advice from Stephen King

By Lorrper @lorrper
Stephen King is perhaps one of my most favorite writers. His imagination and pure excellence in the craft is what makes him one of the most read authors in his genre. You never know what you will get from him but you do know that it will be something to draw several emotions from you. One of the best practices of a good writer is to read about other great writers. You do not have to mimic them but if you listen enough there is so much that can be learned.
He uses humor to explain that there are two requirements in order to be a good writer:
1. You Must Read 2. You Must Write
The other videos discusses the art of storytelling and how many writers and readers have forgotten about the wonderful impact of short stories.
Here's to a great author whose works never seem to resemble one another and stories always seem to get better and better.

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