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Ash Wednesday: Sacrificing for Lent

By Lorrper @lorrper
So, today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. Usually this is when people choose something they will give up until Easter or a fasting. My advice: whatever you decide to give up make sure it has transformative qualities to it. Let it be something of significance. For example, the year before last I let go of social media but found it was really no big deal to let go so it did not make a big impact. Instead of letting something go think about sacrificing your time instead: if you are not already doing this take half an hour and pray each day (it's okay if you've never prayed before), volunteer at a service organization or your church and/or stop wasting precious time away from your family doing the unnecessary and promise to have dinners together at home. Some people join gyms and start dieting, which is fine, however, make it a lifestyle change and not temporary sacrifices.

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