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Writers Spotlight: Megan Stilley

Posted on the 06 February 2013 by 2ndgreenrevolution @2ndgreenrev

This week’s featured writer is Megan Stilley. In order to give you a chance to get to know the 2nd Green Revolution writers better, we will be highlighting some of their work and publishing their answers to a small questionnaire.

Megan writes often about organic food and has an affinity for minimalist living. Her cannon of posts also includes book reviews, like her article about the vegetarianism centered Hope’s Edge.

All of Megan’s posts can be found at her tag URL,, and the first half of the Q&A session follows below. 

Q1) Where do you live now and where were you born?

I now live in Denver, CO (since 2009).  I grew up in a suburb of Kansas City, MO – which is why I have such strong feelings about it.

Q2) What are your favorite hobbies?

Photography and reading, I feel like I never have enough time to fully call either hobbies.  But in my minimal free time these are the two things I enjoy most.

Q3) Was there a specific time in your life when you realized environmentalism, going-green, sustainability were very important to you?

In college.  When I was a freshmen I decided it would be good for me to join a club so I could be involved and meet new friends.  While at the fair for clubs, the only one that stood out to me was Students for Environmental Action.  I am still very happy with my decision to join that club.  It became my home, I made life long friends, and I found my passion- the environment.

Q4) Do you have a favorite green product or company? What area of sustainability do you find most interesting?

I don’t have a favorite green product or company at the moment, at least not one I can think of.  The area of sustainability I find most interesting is minimalism.  For some reason this way of living really speaks to me and I find it very interesting.  I am really trying to work my way toward this lifestyle.

Q5) Do you have a favorite quote?

“Constant talking isn’t necessarily communication” - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

I am not a big talker so this quote has always stood out to me.  I think politicians could gain a lot from it too.

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