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Writers Spotlight: Featuring Chris DeArmond (Part 1)

Posted on the 30 January 2013 by 2ndgreenrevolution @2ndgreenrev

Over the next several weeks we’ll be running a new feature to bring you information about our writers. During the course of a week, we will post various trivia and tidbits about the people that bring you news, analysis, and opinion about all that is happening across the wide spectrum of sustainability. The answers to a questionnaire given to all the writers at 2nd Green Revolution will be condensed into two posts while being shared on Facebook and Twitter. We think this will give you a chance to get to know the writers better and bring a little variation to the content on the website. In addition, given that this website is run totally over the internet and through the cloud, most of our writers have never met each other, so this will actually give them a chance to get to know each other better, too.

Our first featured writer is Chris DeArmond, who has been writing with us since October of 2010. The writes on various topics, but some of his most popular and in depth articles include reviews of test drives in cars employing green technology, such as the Tesla Model S, 2011 VW Golf TDI, and Fisker Karma.

All his posts can be found at his tag URL,

Chris, take it away…

1) Where do you live now and where were you born?

A: I currently live in Alexandria, VA. I was born in Rome, NY, and grew up in Tampa, FL.

2) What are your favorite hobbies?

A: Road biking, mountain biking, jogging, and keeping updated on the auto industry.

3) Was there a specific time in your life when you realized environmentalism, going-green, sustainability were very important to you?

A:Yes, I took a class my senior year at Dickinson College in which another student and I had the opportunity to look at some of the College’s controversial sustainability initiatives from a “consulting” perspective. The initiatives in question were quota systems placed on printing and laundry, which caused some uproar in the student body. Most couldn’t see how the quotas were fair given the high cost of tuition, and the perception that the College only wanted to save money, not the planet. After looking at the impact the quotas on financial and environmental savings, my teammate and I decided they could be justified despite the temporary negative impact to the student body while adjusting to life with fewer entitlements. The project sparked my interest in sustainability because it took away my skepticism of both the College and green initiatives in general. Sometimes, going green just makes sense.

4) Do you have a favorite green product or company? What area of sustainability do you find most interesting?

A: I’m most interested in the transportation sector. Right now, my favorite green company would have to be Tesla Motors. Nobody really knows how long they’ll be around for, but they have built a car that is exciting to almost everyone. Not only that, Tesla’s charging infrastructure shows that the company is thinking holistically about the future of electric vehicles.

5) Do you have a favorite quote?

A: “Thinking about pushing the wheelbarrow is the hard part. Pushing it is easy.” –Peter Betts

 (Q & A #6 through 10 will be in the second installment)

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