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Writer's Workshop. Unfair Lending

By Parentingsmh @parentingsmh
We're a society that lives on credit.  
We get loans for cars, homes, education, boobs, you name it.  
Depending on the banking institution and the type of loan, it can be a hassle. What always ticks me off is how the banking rules seem to change depending on the individual needing the loan.
You know what I'm talking about.  There are individuals with, um, "connections" who don't have to fill out the forms, and submit all the crap banks ask the rest of us for.  
Now, we know this happens way to often, but seldom witness it.  

Imagine my surprise when I happened to be in my local bank last week and witnessed this exchange:

A customer walked into the bank and into line.  The teller, Mrs. Patricia Wack called him forward.
"Good day Mrs. Wack. I'm Froggy Jagger and I'm here to take out a loan."
"Thank you for choosing us Mr. Jagger," chirped Mrs. Wack. "I'll just need you to fill out the loan application and..."
"I don’t think that'll be necessary," said Mr. Jagger.  "You see Mrs. Wack, I'm Mick Jagger's son. My family's been doing business here for years."
"Well Mr. Jagger, it's an honor to meet you, but you must understand that this is a bit out of the ordinary and I will have to consult with my branch manager.  Excuse me, just a moment please."
She headed down the hall to the managers office.
"Sir, there's a Froggy Jagger here,  asking for a loan.  Um..., he's a frog."
"Oh, Jagger, yeah...  Well and good.  What's he got for collateral?" barked the manager.
"Just a moment, sir," and Mrs. Wack hustled back to the growing line of anxious customers. "Mr. Jagger, can you put up any collateral for security against this loan?"
"That won't be a problem," smiled Froggy pulling a small, intricately detailed, painted porcelain elephant from his pocket.  The teller scurried back down the hall.
"Ok…, this is the collateral, whatever this is supposed to be," huffed Patty.
The branch manager, got up and gently relieved Patricia Wack of the elephant.  He turned it, raised it to the light, nodded, and turned to her saying;
"It's a knick-knack Patty Wack, give a frog a loan.  His Old Man's a Rolling Stone!

 Clueless Dad told me this joke when we were dating.  It was the silliest corniest thing I had ever heard but what made it so funny was his delivery.  He was so convincing.  He drew me in and made it sound like he was recalling an actual event.  I can't help but laugh every time I hear it.

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