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My Preschooler May Be A Gremlin

By Parentingsmh @parentingsmh
I'm pretty sure you have no idea what a Mogwai is, unless you're and 80's baby completely into pop culture AND have a memory like an elephant, obviously neither are outside the realm of possibility, but I'll spare you the Google search, anyway.

Remember the Gremlins movie - yup!  I think I just jogged your memory.  Mogwai are what the gremlins used to be before they changed.  You remember the cute and fuzzy Gizmo, all sweet and cuddly.   Kids can be sweet and cuddly like mogwai This is what my preschooler looks like before bedtime, kind of, I mean, except for the big ears and fuzzines, but absolutely all of the cuteness. 

Like the movie though, I must have forgot all the instructions, or maybe there weren't any. Yeah, I think the latter is probably right, I definitely didn't get any instructions, I would have followed them for sure.  I know there must have been something that I was supposed to do before dark, or after dark, no after 8, that must be it.  At any rate, there is something that I'm supposed to do, or NOT do before bedtime to prevent this ...

Kids are gremlins after dark
This may be a little bit of an exaggeration but, in the moment, it just feels right.  As soon as the word "bedtime" is uttered, it becomes total pandemonium. It starts with the screaming, stomping, tantrums, begging, and making excuses for getting out of bed. On any given night I can administer 17 hugs, take him to the bathroom 7 times,  bring him 8 glasses of water, deliver 22 toys, answer 20 questions, and who knows what else. 

All I know is, this little dude is not going to sleep and it's drastically affecting my bubbly disposition (if you know me personally - I know you just got a good laugh).  
So tell me people - what instructions did I miss?  Really?  I'm running out of ideas.

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