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Writer's Workshop. Look Dad, I Did It

By Parentingsmh @parentingsmh
I never considered myself Daddy's little girl.In fact, I was um, probably the total opposite.
There were no father daughter dances, chaperoning on dates, or well, anything that remotely resembled that.
There were however, lots of silent, tense moments.You know like when you're on a date and you're clearly not into him, but he drove, so you're kinda stuck there until he's ready to go?
Sadly, this went on for years.
Thankfully, though,
And thank goodness, because now
we're kicking ourselves for all the awesomeness we missed.
Turns out, we're a lot a like.So much a like, we spent almost an hour on the phone last weekend.I just couldn't help myself, I was so excited about my progress I couldn't stop talking about it.
A few weeks ago I admitted on Dumb Mom's What's in Your Closet? that, I, Clueless Mom, couldn't swim.Well, since it's The Summer of Doing Stuff, off I went to swim lessons at my local rec center.
Funny thing is, when I was, hmm, I guess 12 or so, my Dad got it into his head that he could, and would, teach me how to swim.  
Well, people, you know how that turned out.  
So how proud was I when I could say, "look Dad, I did it.  I can swim". Writer's Workshop. Look Dad, I did It

After five lessons, I can now float on my back, tread water, and breast stroke.   Yea!

I'm still working on my freestyle stroke, but um, bottom line,Clueless Mom can swim.
Though not a moment too soon, cause, let me tell you, M was starting to put up some fierce competition, but I let him have it.Mom-my can swi- im (in teasing sing song voice).
What? Don't judge me.

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