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Writer's Workshop - Jazz Rocks Summer's Socks Off

By Parentingsmh @parentingsmh
Summer is kicking me senseless.
I'm hot. Tired. Completely uninspired.
Going outside in the sunny, hot, middle of the day is not for me. I just don't like it.
I'm all about the dusk in the summer time. Just when the sun is starting to set and it gets a little cooler. My favorite thing, a nice concert in the park. You can't beat dancing in the grass at sunset in the summer time.

The dudes love it too. I find a nice spot under a tree to spread a blanket and relax. The boys get to run around without much constraints, and me, I get to groove to some African jazz.

Its a win - win.
The Strathmore Music Center in the DC area has a great free summer concert series and their sculpture garden is perfect for just laying around and hanging out. Bring a beach blanket and some beach chairs and just relax under the shade listening to some awesome beats.
It's cultural too. I did mention the concerts are in the sculpture garden right? So while being lazy you're also getting all culturefied with international music and cool art. What's not to like?

Even cooler, bring your own food and drinks or grab some catered international foods there. That's right folks. The Strathmore thought of everything. Special thanks to Michael Fila for telling me about this place and for hooking us up with some grub. Only down side, BUGS. Bring your bug spray they're out there and ready to nibble ... on you, and whatever goodies you've got to snack on.
The free concerts are every Wednesday starting at the end of June through August. If you have older kids who can stand to sit for a little while, they also have what they call the Backyard Theater Stage for kids and have shows in the morning on Thursdays.
The bestest thing, is by the time you get home, the kids are zonked out and your whole bedtime drama is nonexistent.
Be sure to share this.  Everyone could use a little summer music in the park to sit back and relax.

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