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Writer's Workshop. 6 Signs Your Kids Are Growing Up

By Parentingsmh @parentingsmh
1. When they start calling you "Mom".  Yeah, Mom.  They might as well be saying "hey you" in my mind.  I mean really, we've lost Mommy already?  What are we on an accelerated program at an online school?   At this rate, I'll  be "mother" or "Ma" by Christmas.
Writer's Workshop. 6 Signs Your Kids Are Growing Up2. When they start lecturing you.  Um, anytime your kids start presenting their demands in list form, you've got a problem.  For example: "Mom, first you need to buy me earplugs, and second of all you need to get me Chic-Fil-A."  These were the exact words.
3. They start taking initiative. On a few mornings, M has been very independent and has taken the initiative to get himself dressed and be ready for the day.  The only problem is this usually happens at 7 A.M. on Saturday morning.  Not Cool.
Writer's Workshop. 6 Signs Your Kids Are Growing Up
4. They master the art of negotiation. M can take on the shrewdest attorney.  Don't sleep, he's the real deal.  He'll slide a counteroffer, or just flat out changes his demands mid convo and have you saying "wait, what did you want? Oh, right, I guess you can have popcorn for dinner?"
5. They know and say words like "excavator".  Not only does he say this word, but he can identify one on a construction site and can explain how it works.  Don't ask me how or why he knows this stuff. (Note to self, give Bob the Builder +K about construction).
Writer's Workshop. 6 Signs Your Kids Are Growing Up
6. They have small bouts of being considerate.  In smh in a good way, M showed his big boy status when I caught him wiping off the toilet seat after, as he says "I peed on it a lil bit."  But in general, he is an awesome sharer, when he wants to be.  He gladly offers up his toys at the playground and always wants to educate his friends on the latest in John Deere tractor technology, excavators, bobcats, and other heavy machinery. (Note to self: Give M +K about sharing at the playground).When did you notice your kids growing up?  Leave a comment and share it with us.This post is a part of Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop.

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