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Write the Blog You Want To Read … Part One

By Tamera Beardsley @tamerabeardsley
Write the Blog You Want To Read … part one
*This is the first part of a 6 part weekly series
You can find the introduction here
Write the Blog You Want To Read … part one
Although I hope this series will have something interesting for everyone
it is especially for those of you looking for their next act
like I was years ago …
before I started blogging.
Write the Blog You Want To Read … part one
Part one
The day after I dropped off my daughter off at college
it hit me.
I had no idea what I was going to do next.
Even though I had two teenage boys still at home
I realized just how much I had made my daughter's life and needs
my life.
For the first time
I could see clearly  and it scared me to the bone.
What was I going to do now
my girl was gone
 it was an inevitability
that soon my boys would be too.
I had no idea who I was
outside of parenting
 even scarier
I had no real idea of who or what I wanted to be.
I had been so invested in my children
for all practical purposes I had lost me.
Flash forward 2 years.
Write the Blog You Want To Read … part one
Today I am clear on who I want to be
how I want to live my life.
I know I want to live a beautiful life full of love.
I want to make great art.
I want to inspire others.
And the path from then
to here
all happened because
 I started to blog.
Write the Blog You Want To Read … part one
Today's first installment
How examining the blogs you read
can help you find the life you want to live.
I came to blogging slowly.
I read a couple for more than a year before I ever started blogging.
I was always very clear on the kind of blog
I didn't want to have…
one that was just one more place
women would have to compare themselves or
add to their already overwhelming to do list.
I wanted a place of truth.
A real place … a place to be real.
Write the Blog You Want To Read … part one
My fire was lit
when I came across the publication
Artful Blogging.
Write the Blog You Want To Read … part one
I saw how a blog could be a creative venture.
I was in.
It was in that issue I found
 Lisa Leonard's blog
 was captivated by her sharing
both her heartbreak
her love of family
 developing a successful jewelry business.
I realized with her blog
to be a regular reader I  needed to feel a heart connection
to be inspired with beauty
 feel what I was reading
was real life.
The beauty and the trials
All the shades of life that give it dimension.
Write the Blog You Want To Read … part one
From Lisa
I found Lindsey of
The Pleated Poppy.
Lindsey also shared her family life
 her home designs
as well as running her own successful business.
It was Lindsey's
What I Wear Wednesday's
that made me decide to  just start to blog.
I might not have had  a clear vision of what I wanted to blog about
but at least
starting a blog
to even get interested in putting together
 that I truly liked
was one small step in the right direction
of finding me.
That's how I started blogging.
Write the Blog You Want To Read … part oneI found someone who's life inspired me
with a place to share my interest in clothes.
While I posted weekly outfits
I also used my blog as an online journal.
Taking pictures during the day
 writing about my transitioning family along the way
 keeping them all neatly organized in my thoughts category.
Write the Blog You Want To Read … part one
During this time I found Judith of
The Style Crone
Her positive energy, grace and bravery while
transitioning from the loss of her husband
gave me strength and perspective
during my life transitions.
Judith was able to give dignity to grief
while still embracing the promise
of life's goodness still to come.
Reading her blog
I found inspiration
that helped heal my heart.
Write the Blog You Want To Read … part one
I think I had been blogging about a year
 I don't know how I found her blog
but the next blog I found
was  Adrienne's of
The Rich Life On a Budget
which was another catalyst blog for me.
I remember at first it was her posts
about outings with her husband that had me interested.
Because if truth be told
and I always tell the truth here…
I had neglected my dear husband
in my attempt to be a perfect mother.
I remember reading Adrienne's posts about nights out
and weekends away
and thinking…
wow …
I have a husband …
we could do that …
we should do that.
It was reading Adrienne's blog
one that wasn't all about having kids
that I could begin to
 uncover a new vision of what I wanted my future life to be.
I wanted to go new places
with my husband.
I wanted to have date nights with my husband.
I could still be a good mother
and layer in what I had neglected.
Since then I have traveled to Europe with my husband
Adrienne has great tips on that too :))
Now every Friday night
Jeff and I go out
 we are now on adventures to find new spots
in our own LA backyard.
The very best part of Adrienne's blog story
is that now I even have the honor of calling her friend.
Write the Blog You Want To Read … part one
I have asked myself what is it about each blog
I read in the beginning
that kept me coming back.
When I asked that
I realized
They had something that fell into my emerging
Over the course of 2 years
I had gone from having no idea of what I wanted to do
to having
a clear cut list of interests.
Now I can fit almost all of my interests into one
of my blog categories which are ...
1.  My Shop … as I have decided I am still passionate about my true love of accessories and want to
     return to being a business owner.
2. Wardrobe … the first category I had … and the one that kept me posting weekly in my blogs     beginning. 
3. Home and Garden … I have lived in the same small house for over 19 years now … to me it and our     gardens are part of our family.  Decorating and planting it seasonally, has been a love of mine since     the day we moved in.  Even through the sad days … my house and garden always brought me     solace.
4. Gatherings and Parties … where I celebrate my love for family and friends and life's celebrations.
5. DIY … when I have something I'm so excited about … I just have to share how to … like my     brooch necklace.
6. Saturday Quotes … I am someone whose soul is fueled by inspiring words … on Saturday I share      the ones that have helped me that week. 
7.  Thoughts … here I have the online journal of my blog … how I have processed  and worked      through and continue to work through … this transitioning part of life.
8.  Places … where I share my burgeoning curiosity for new places … and some of my familiar      favorites.
Write the Blog You Want To Read … part one
Blogging the last two years
 helped me realize that I wanted to
Make My Life My Art
One Day At A Time
Write the Blog You Want To Read … part one_________________________ 

What the blogs you read

can say about the life 
you want to live

When looking at the blogs you read

for  personal insight
here are some questions to ask yourself
1.  What types of blogs do I read?

2.  What are my interests?3.  What makes my heart race?4.  What are my 3 favorite blogs?5.  Why in three words or less are they  my          favorite.6.  What do you aspire to do?7.  If money wasn't a decision maker … what     would you want to do today?8.  What is it about the blogs I read … that I     am drawn to?9.  What is one thing with each blog I read …    that speaks to my heart.10.  What types of blogs am I not attracted      to?It was when I started to examinethe blogs I read dailyand had a connection withthat I began to see more clearlysome ideas I was attracted toand shifts I wanted to make in my life.I hope this can help youfind a paththat leads you to the life you want to live.

Write the Blog You Want To Read … part one

As always my friendsI wish you love and joyas you style your lifeNext weeks installment in this series isall about

How taking daily photoscan help you find the beauty in your every day life.

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