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By Darthclavie @DarthClavie
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Thanks for putting up this article. It really helped me shorten my Synopsis and focus on the 8775 meat 8776 of my story. Hopefully my new synopsis will snag an agent. 🙂 If you ever have time, please check out my web series 8775 Chrome Justice 8776 , my novella 8775 Gemini Error 8776 , and 8775 The Brain Room 8776 on my website. Thanks again, your method is great!

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It was an ordinary day in the life of the samurai, that is. Samurai and heir to the Hagi residential, Kento Kadesheke, was engaged in a duel with his well recognized, self esteemed master.

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The group arrived at the small village, which had twenty to thirty small hut like structures, a day later. They immediately could tell something was wrong when the sounds of a village, children running and yelling, Mothers talking while trying to control their children, and men working, were nonexistent. "It's gotten worse," Harris whispered. "Where is everyone?" Palama asked. "Hiding," Ryan said grimly. As they rode to the front of the village they heard someone shout out excitedly, "Harris is back!" then suddenly people came running out of the huts to meet the group.

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I completelu agree with you, Elpatito. This seems to be a mix of different fandoms spark some life with original characters!

There's another cliché: "Hindsight is 75/75." Since learning of his secret life, this cliché weighedheavily on her heart. As a result of this new revelation, she became more
cognizant of others' behavior, especially the men she dated and loved. So many
cues and signs were missed cues that actually supported the lifestyle they
lived therefore, making it almost impossible for her to think anything
otherwise. She was so in love, yet blindly lost in a lifestyle that gave her
the opportunity to be comfortable and whole as a person, for the first time in
her life. She had her cake, and she ate it.

barely listened to the lady 8767 s words as she scanned the wall, lined
with facts and pictures illustrating the events of the battle. All of
it was memorized already, but she couldn 8767 t get enough of the exciting
stories. Sure, lives were lost, but it was about two hundred versus
six thousand, and that two hundred killed like sixteen thousand of
the Mexican army! It was too admirable to think of the death it
seemed so minor.

The original web version and the whole original site is available at but the new web version is way better and available at the top of this very page. Change the settings and click Try to begin writing.

Suddenly, I wasn 8767 t here in this world anymore but I was in his. I could feel what he felt, I could feel his anger, pain,joy and sadness. It was overwhelming and I felt a rain of emotions rush through me like a wildfire, consuming me and becoming part of my very being. It felt like a fire deep in my soul as his feelings burned through me scratching at my veins like a thousand particles of sandpaper. It tried to mold and shape me into something I 8767 m not.

This is just something I wrote in 7 mins. Haven 8767 t edited it or anything. I 8767 ve never written a story before. I don 8767 t even think that this is actually a story. Please read and comment.

Jolene sighed.
"Misty, I want to believe you," she explained, "-but you 8767 re not
honestly telling me that you saw a ghost or something."

Write About - Digital Writing for Classrooms

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