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Proper Installation and Use of T-T-Y Bolts - Fel-Pro Only

By Darthclavie @DarthClavie
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I attended another Mass where a family was bringing the Offertory Gifts to the Sanctuary. The family 8767 s teenager daughter was wearing a shirt that was very tight and very low-cut, and a skirt that was very tight and very high-cut. I was hoping she did not sneeze or drop anything. I found this girl to be an incredible distraction, simply by virtue of her (lack of) proper attire. I blame the girl, but I also blame her parents for allowing her wear harlot 8767 s clothing to Mass. What kind of parents would allow their daughter to wear skimpy, provocative clothing in public, let alone to Mass?

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Having come so late to the discussion on the post of 69 May, I hope you will excuse my revising and expanding a comment I was kindly permitted to make there.

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Attending church in a bathsuit or wearing short-shorts while the remainder of the congregation is dressed in business informal is not being respectful to the others of the congregation. While what I wear does not individually effect the service it may effect the attention of others. I could only presume that God is blind to our attire but pleased to have us in attendance. In my opinion, our clothing becomes direspectful when it alone causes others from absorbing the sacrifice of the mass.

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For daily Mass too, though? Unless one brings a change of clothes, or goes home to change afterward, this involves wearing 8766 dress 8767 clothes daily, and in many cases, drenching them in sweat.

Maybe I 8767 m just a country bumpkin, but I 8767 ve never seen why jeans should be unacceptable. For some people that is just what they have and I don 8767 t see why city dress should be forced upon country people. To dress modestly is the key, the actual style may vary.

Hi, my son has a 6995 v6 mustang that we are in the process of changing head gaskets on. Repaired the heads, got felpro gaskets and head bolts. My question is are the headbolts blind or do they need sealant. In reading previous post I take it that since i have no sealant on my bolts they just need oiled like above post, but want to make sure I do not want to have to do this job over. Thanks so much, Eric.

I agree with the tenor of this article. There ought to be an outward sign of respect for the sacrifice of the Mass and dressing casually or immodestly doesn 8767 t cut it. That said, it seems that the liturgy of the Mass itself sometimes lacks dignity. I occasionally attend Mass in the Maronite rite and the Tridentine rite and find that the these ancient rites seem to foster a more reverant and dignified posture among the attendees. The Novus Ordo can be celebrated in a respectful way but there is often a casual approach by both the priest and the faithful that diminishes the sacredness of the Mass and leads to a more casual and immodest way of dressing.

6. Her first experience with smudging was far from positive. She explained to me how her landlord let her borrow her smudging kit. My cousin stated that after she used the kit, she felt extremely down that there was a dark heavy cloud in her flat. A friend of hers explained that she should never use someone else 8767 s smudging stick etc. By doing so, the negative energy would be realeased into her home. Is this possible? I haven 8767 t found much information on sharing smudging items.

You 8767 re missing the point in the same way Hugh was Daniel. Monsignor Pope is not trying to 8775 enshrine one particular historical manifestation of respectful attire. 8776 He 8767 s only calling for respectful attire, and listing what that means for the people who demonstrably don 8767 t understand.

This is not an attempt to scold, at least on my part, but, as you point out, to engage in some reflection about how we who are already in the Church dress and what that means.

Proper installation and use of T-T-Y Bolts - Fel-Pro Only

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