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Wow. That Was a Long Break.

By Gabrielscala

Okay. So I know I told you (last May!) that I would be slowing things down on the blog front. I guess what really happened is I quit blogging altogether. It’s not surprising, really. In June I took over as the new President of VOX Press, an independent nonprofit that publishes avant-garde literature. At approximately the same exact moment, I began developing a relationship with the Creative Nonfiction Foundation and found myself doing odd jobs for them as well. I guess you could say, things got busy.

 I don’t know why I always do this. But I do. Somehow, no matter how many careers I leave in the dust, I always seem to end up over-committed and working like a crazy person. The only difference now is that I don’t get paid to do it. But, I do love it. And there’s something so much greater than a paycheck in being able to say that.

Still, I’ve spent the last year beefing up my publishing credentials – and I’ve learned a lot. So now I find myself in the odd position of looking for a job (you know, one that pays) in the industry. Easier said than done. But I have hope. In the meantime, I plan to be posting here now and again. No promises of daily posts that started this whole venture back in 2010 – but more regular posts, to be sure.

I hope you’ve all been well. I have begun work (in earnest) on the memoir and will be sharing pieces of that as it comes along. I look forward, as always, to hearing about your writing life too.

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