Wow Fiona - More Than 3 Years Without a Visit? Tha...

Posted on the 08 August 2011 by Holli
Wow Fiona - more than 3 years without a visit? That is definitely a long time. The longer you leave it, th stranger it will feel for sure. I think as expate - more than most others - we need to believe the philosophy that home is where we are in the moment and hopefully that is surrounded by love!
Expat Mum - sorry I miseed your visit. Would have been more than happy to assist in any way, and maybe even meet up for tea or sushi?! I know what you mean about babies being terrified. Just this weekend in the market a woman and her friends called her toddler son to show the scary obruni, and predictably he screamed and cried such real, terrified tears! The poor thing. The women got quite a kick out of it.
ALW - thanks for visiting my ramblings! I will also pay you a visit. It's great to meet new global citizens out there in cyberspace. :)

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