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Woven in Wellness

By Cleskowitz @cleskowitz

woven in wellness
 I had the great privilege of being one of the first designers to be introduced to a new technology being used in fabric. Kravet, Crypton and Celliant have collaborated on woven,  high performance fabrics that take your body's heat and reflect it back in the form of infrared energy. The infrared technology reflects back into the  body for muscle and tissue absorption.

It:improves circulation

promotes better sleep

increases energy and endurance

promotes  overall wellbeing

woven in wellness

Celliant  is a proprietary, patented technology- a blend of the natural, thermo-reactive minerals that are ground into fine powder and embedded into the woven fiber. Its amazing! I have tested it myself and I was stunned at how good I felt enveloped in the clothing I was wearing, so naturally, I want to extend that in to my home by way of upholstery, bedding and the like. 

woven in wellness

The fabric selection leans towards a neutral palette presently (that may change in the future), soft to the touch and immediately calming. The raw materials are sustainably sourced, so the environmental and social impact is considered. Regeneration is green and good for the planet. I am trying to be eco-conscious so that's good enough for me. WIN/WIN

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