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Would You Let Your Child Have Plastic Surgery?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 10019709 199x300 Would You Let Your Child Have Plastic Surgery?

After reading the guest post on too young to have plastic surgery it really got me thinking, is anyone too young to make chances to their appearance if it really bothers them?

Would you let your child have plastic surgery? I would have said no, but now I am not so sure.

I am lucky that none of my features bother me, I have a long pointy nose but was never bullied over it, they had plenty of other things to bully me over and they left my nose alone.

While Kody was in hospital a few months ago a young girl came onto the same ward, she was 14 years old, the same age as my eldest daughter. As she was in the opposite bed to Kody it was difficult not to overhear what was being said behind the closed curtains.

She was having her ears pinned back. Ouch I thought. I would never put my child through that.

I found myself staring at her ears, wondering why someone so young was willing to go through such a painful experience; it was for vanity not a medical reason.

As her mom sat holding her hand and stroking her hair, I wondered if I would be so brave, knowing my daughter was just about to be put to sleep, because of her ears.

Then I heard the young girl say;

“I hope this works mum, then they might stop bullying me”

How many times had this girl been called “Dumbo” or “Mickey Mouse?” I wondered.

My heart broke in that instance and the mothering instinct wanted to take over, I wanted to jump up and tell her to sod the bullies, to assure her that she was a beautiful girl and had so much going for her.

Yet these cruel girls at school were making her life hell, because her ears stuck out a little.

I crossed my fingers as she was taken down to theater and I watched as her mom paced the ward corridors, watching the clock tick away. I felt her fear and her pain.

Mother and daughter were soon reunited and the mom spent the night sleeping in the hospital bed beside her. The girls head was bandaged up and I saw the trickle of blood running down the side of her face. The doctors reassured her it was normal to have some bleeding.

The following day she was allowed to go home. I never did get to see her new ears but I hope they were everything she had prayed they would be.

It made me think. I was wrong to quickly assume that there would be no way my own daughter would be having anything like that done because of some mindless girls at school, but I guess that girl spent each day trying to cover her ears with her hair.

Perhaps she cried herself to sleep each night hating those things on the side of her head so much that she was willing to do anything to get rid of them. I don’t suppose the mother took the decision lightly either.

Would you let your child have plastic surgery? Yes I would, if it meant that much to them.

What about you?

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