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Would You Give up Your Private Life for a Pair of Glasses?

Posted on the 07 March 2013 by Hadi20 @hadi_frht
Demonstrations of the latest Glass Google did not fail to glamourize the latest gadget from Google. If the promised opportunities seem interesting, some are already worried about the impact of these devices on our lives, and talk about "the end of privacy."
Picture of Brin wearing google glasses on NYC subway.
It is difficult not to address the issue of privacy when wearing glasses connected, equipped with a camera capable of shooting constantly everything seen by the wearer. 

Cory Bernardi, an australian Senator raises the question of how these privacy issues will be managed by Google: "Google Glass has the ability to record video and audio of everything that happens during your day. No need to enter your iPhone and click to capture the moment. (...) This can go if you are a user, but what if you are the unwitting victim of this type of recording?"
For now, Google did not comment on the management of privacy for users of Google Glass or their surroundings. But it seems clear that the issue will eventually face the Mountain View company and that it will respond. 

Last August, the CNIL had again pinned on Google Street View imagery and Wi-Fi data collected by its cars.

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