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Would You Do That in Yankee Stadium?

By Meachrm @BaseballBTYard

Would you do that in Yankee stadium?

If you wouldn't do it here ...

When I watch guys practice and/or play games, I am constantly amazed at how many players appear to be going through the motions.  If you ask many of those players if they want to play in college and beyond, most would immediately say “Absolutely!”  The obvious comeback is “If you want to impress people enough to get them to sign you, why do you appear to be just going through the motions?”
Players of all ages and ability levels forget that they are constantly being watched.  I’ve said before in other posts that coaches at the college and professional levels have enough to worry about.  They don’t want another problem.  That’s why they pay very close attention to the behavior of young players and watch prospects like a hawk.

Would you do that in Yankee stadium?

... you shouldn't do it here either.

I remember going to a Phillies game one time when I was younger.  My father was given tickets that were close to the field and we happened to be sitting close to Dallas Green.  I clearly remember a pitcher being taken out of the game and Dallas Green watching him all the way into the dugout.  When all the fans were watching the new pitcher warming up, Dallas Green was on the edge of his seat and continued to watch the previous pitcher in the dugout.  I asked my father what was going on.  He said, “he is probably learning more about the pitcher now then what he just saw on the mound.”A former manager of mine in pro ball used to frequently ask players, “If you were in Yankee stadium right now, would you be acting the way you are?  If not, then why are you acting that way now?”

If you are a player, it's not a bad idea to ask yourself that question every now and then.

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