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Would You Do a Digital Detox?

By Travelersmind
Imagine arriving at a hotel to check in and before they hand you the room key, they demand your cell phone, iPod and any other kind of electronic device you may be carrying. You stand there in utter shock. How can this person ask you to give up your phone, your main means of communication, your life source? Are they nuts?
I may not be that dependent on my phone, I barely use it to search the internet or listen to music or play games, but obviously I rely on it to stay in touch with people and check my email when I'm not near a computer. So the idea of going even a day without it does seem like a stretch. However, I think I could do it, probably easier than other people.
This is a trend going on in the hospitality industry, where hotels are offering "digital detox" packages to people, a way to completely "unplug" and get away. This is the kind of vacation I fully support, especially for those people who are permanently attached to their phones, to the point where it is an addiction. What makes these packages even better is that those who agree to them get either a discount on their hotel room or extra amenities. For a cheaper room, a free meal or spa treatment, I would gladly give up my electronics. I do not know many people who would do the same, but maybe I am the exception.
Feel free to read more about these "digital detox" packages in this article. And I encourage everyone to consider actually partaking in one.

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