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Would This Drive You Crazy?

By Kerrysteele @kerrysteeleart
Would this drive you crazy?
We have neighbors that we spend time with due to their proximity and girls the same age as my youngest. They are very nice and like many of us have photos and artwork on most of their walls. On the occasions that  we have done some pet sitting, my husband straightened each and every frame on their main floors. They were all crooked. I suspect he has trouble breathing in a house with so many lop-sided things. The photo above would make him faint straight away.
Would this drive you crazy?
I love gallery walls that are floor-to-ceiling, salon style but many people want a more homogenous look to their galleries.
Would this drive you crazy?
What say you? Can you deal with things in different frames? What if they were haphazard and (gasp) crooked?

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