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Worth It? Wednesday: Eco Vessel Insulated Sippy Cup

By Peaceloveorganicmom

Worth It? Wednesday: Eco Vessel Insulated Sippy Cup Review & GiveawayWhen purchasing a sippy cup for your child, it is best to choose one composed of stainless steel or glass. There are a variety of reasons why stainless steel and glass are better options for your little one's cup but the main reason is that you are avoiding any potential chemicals leaching into his/her fluids. When searching for a non-toxic, plastic free option for my daughter's sippy cup, I found the Eco Vessel brand. The body of their cups are made of 100% recyclable, high quality, stainless steel. This means no worries about BPA, phthalates, or other harmful chemicals leaching into your child's drink. The
10 oz insulated cup has a simple and functional design-- perfect for an introductory cup. It consists of two large grab handles on either side, an Avent spout lid, and removable inner leak guard. The large grasping handles are perfect for your little one to keep hold of. My 7 month old had no problem keeping her little hands grasped onto the cup. The leak guard within the spout helps keep messes to a minimum as your child learns to drink from the cup. I particularly like that the leak guard only consists of small round piece (about the size of a quarter) which can be easily removed for cleaning or if you prefer your child to learn without it. Additionally, the sipping spout is an accommodating size for babies and young children's small mouthes. Yet another reason to choose Eco Vessel for your baby's cup is that they are U.S. company based in Boulder, Colorado with a mission to develop safe products from sustainable materials and thereby reducing environmental impact. To learn more about Eco Vessel's cups or to purchase click here.
Worth It? Wednesday: Eco Vessel Insulated Sippy Cup Review & GiveawayWorth It? Wednesday: Eco Vessel Insulated Sippy Cup Review & Giveaway

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