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Worry Beads

By Judithmiddleton
Worry Beads Outdoor Man and I have recently returned from a trip to Greece during which we traveled back from the island of Paxos by speedboat. The skipper and his only crew member talked animatedly the whole of the journey, repeatedly jabbing their fingers in the direction of the coastline and it would appear (although I don’t speak Greek) discussing the best route to follow. None of this would of course have held much interest for me except that bouncing across the waves, I could not help but notice that they anxiously clicked worry beads through their fingers. In circumstances where these beads are intended to guard against bad luck it would be tempting to think that it was a result of the amber pieces being hit against each other than we navigated safely back to shore. I was even told that in Greece there is a worry bead ritual for bridegrooms to follow on the night before their wedding.
Perhaps there are times when we should all have a set to help find our way through troubled waters.

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