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{World Gin Day}

By Glasgow_mummy @glasgow_mummy
It's World Gin Day this weekend on Saturday 14th June.
Hurrah for Gin!
My sister has built up an impressive collection of different gins, and I'm progressing slowly. At the moment I have Hendricks, Tanqueray and Caorunn.
Anyway, I've come up with a few ideas for gin cocktails for you...
{World Gin Day}Fizzy Gin Cocktail with Rosemary and Blackberries... and I have fresh rosemary in my garden, result!
{World Gin Day}Earl Grey martini
{World Gin Day}Apple, elderflower and gin cocktail. I think this would work well with Caorunn gin which tends to be served with apple slices.
{World Gin Day}The Aviation - love the color of this one!
{World Gin Day}This one is appropriate for me as it's called Southside! If you head on over to the Social and Cocktail website, you'll see a video of a barman making this cocktail. And you'll possibly spot my photo on their website too ;-)

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