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Workout Wear Obsession

By Tanvi Rastogi @tanviidotcom
Workout Looks
Are you guys working out while in isolation? Not-all-that-surprisingly the only activity I look forward to all day is my one hour sweat session. What is actually surprising it that isolation has me wanting to look my absolutely best during working out. The tights needs to feel like second skin, should be soft and I should not have to pull them up even once. The bra needs to be cute, matching my tights and again something that I don' have to fix even once during my workout. Not that all these years I dressed shabbily while working out but my primary goal was always to be comfortable and adequately dressed for a hardcore workout. Style wasn't something I paid much attention to in athletic wear. As long as it was the right fit, it was good enough for me. Not any more. Now I want to look my best in the mirror when I am working out in my living room. 

I would have not guessed in a million years that 'I' would spend money on matching workout sets in order to look good to myself. The positive here however is that whatever I am doing, I am doing for myself. I am working out and spending my money on my self, for myself. I want to look cute not to impress anyone else but because it makes me feel good. That's fair, I believe.

Regardless, below are some of my workout looks. You can tell from the smile on my face in each photo below that how happy I am with my new workout sets.  
What are some of your favorite athletic wear brands?

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