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Working Girls

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
The girls have been asking if they can start babysitting, so they were thrilled when a church family asked if they could start watching their twin boys. The girls were so excited to start. We decided that they would be "mother's helpers" at first. They would watch the boys while their mom was home. Their job was to keep the boys busy so their mom could get some stuff done. 

They spent their first afternoon with the boys today. As I drove them to L&L's house, we talked about some ways to keep the boys busy. We talked about what to do in an emergency. Even though Mrs. B was going to be home, the girls wanted to make sure they had all the details. They were so excited that they could hardly contain themselves as they knocked on the front door.

L&L were equally excited. Mrs. B said that L asked when his "girlfriends" were coming over many times that morning. The boys couldn't wait for the girls to come over. I left our girls with the boys, arranged a pick-up time with Mrs. B and headed home. Three hours later I picked up the girls.

The boys did not want the girls to leave. They kept trying to get the girls to play one more game. They hugged the girls like they didn't want to let go. It was clear that things had gone well.

Mrs. B paid the girls and asked when they were going to come back. The girls couldn't stop talking about their first day babysitting. It was a great way to start their working career.

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