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Wordful Wednesday. Dudes Use Bio Warfare

By Parentingsmh @parentingsmh
Being a mommy to boys is challenging.
Communication is a bit of a problem.
Because men are from Mars and women are from Venus.  Not to mention too smart, sometimes vindictive boys are,  um,  unpredictable.
Lucky me, M was potty trained at 2 years old shortly after J was born.  He quickly mastered the skill and is completely independent when it comes to doing his business.  It is very much a relief to not have to be fighting the potty training war at the same time J is coming into his own.
Wordful Wednesday. Dudes Use Bio Warfare
M's independence is also great because he takes his little brother under his wing and keeps him out of my hair, which I need desperately, especially when I'm making their dinner.
That's just what he was doing a few days ago.
Entertaining his brother while I made their dinner.  Very helpful.
With dinner done and on the table, I called M from the living room.  Watching him make his way into the dining area, I noticed a puddle on the floor near where he was standing.
Me:  "Is that water on the floor?"
M: "No.  It's just pee."
Me: "Why is there pee on my floor?"
M: "I just peed."
Me: "Did you pee yourself? Are your clothes wet?
M: "No.  I just wanted to pee there."
Me: "So, you pulled your pants down and peed on my floor?"
M: "uh huh"
Me: "Okay, here's a few towels.  Since you decided to pee on the floor, I've decided to let you clean it up.  Take the towels and wipe the floor."  Immediately after wiping up his intentional act, I promptly led him to the bathroom for a shower.
I know you're probably wondering how I stayed calm. 
I couldn't tell you. 
Honestly, I wanted to freak, but with M, that would have gotten me laughed at, he's just that kind of guy, calculating and deliberate.   
Still not sure what his motivation was, but hopefully, having to clean up after himself will deter any further thoughts of bio warfare.

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