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Wordful Wednesday. Decorating in the Clueless Camp

By Parentingsmh @parentingsmh
I consider myself a pretty good decorator.  I have a good sense of style and an eye for detail.  I mean, I watch HGTV.  I can design a room.  
When we bought our condo, I put so much work into choosing paint colors.  It was actually kind of ridiculous.  I was creating virtual rooms and playing with paint colors for hours.  But seriously, that's my job.  I'm the head B in charge for crying out loud, so I have the right to pick out the gosh dern paint colors. 
So I picked them.
Painting the condo was a breeze, kind of.   
We left our master bedroom for last.  It was quite a headache trying to figure how to attack the layout and position the furniture.  
I spent a lot of time thinking about our current furniture and accessories, as well as bedding, when I picked  out the Sahara Red to be used for our focal wall behind our bed.  So there we were in the Home Depot picking up the pre-selected paint color.   
Now, standing in the paint aisle, all of a sudden, my color choice was no longer acceptable.  Somehow, Clueless Dad got it into his head that he didn't like the color choice because he did not want it to be dictated by our bedding. 
Yes!  You heard me.  Right there, after all the work I'd done, he decides he doesn't want to be bound by the color of our bedding. 
So, against my better judgment, I relent. 
I.   Let.   Him.   Choose.
What was his choice?
Tropical Splash.
The name does sound cool, and it is cool, cool BLUE. 
We knew it wouldn't work as soon as we opened the can, but Clueless Dad, not me, thought, "maybe it'll look different on the wall".  
I didn't believe this, and I was right.  It looked worse.  So much worse we immediately moved our bed to a different wall.
So for um, for about 2 years, we stared at a blue wall. 
Finally on New Year's Day this year, Clueless Dad denounced his paint color choosing abilities and we said ba-bye to the blue wall.
Wordful Wednesday. Decorating in the Clueless Camp 
There are new free rides in the Clueless camp.  If you can dress yourself, you can paint.  We gets results. 
Wordful Wednesday. Decorating in the Clueless Camp
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