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Word of the Week: SILLY

By Zen_sheila @BeZensational

Word of the Week: SILLY
To act in a funny, random, crazy, or goofy way.

Word of the Week:  SILLY

My daughter and her college room mate trying on wigs

“The human race has only one really affective weapon and that is laughter.”
~ Mark Twain

Take some time to be silly every day.  It’s a great stress buster, a wonderful way to unwind, and the best way to laugh.  You might even discover that you were more fun than you thought.  Being silly is a natural way to relax and relieve bodily tensions.  It’s also contagious!  You will find that when your kids are being silly, it will make you smile — and probably make you want to be silly too (and visa versa)

I think when as we get older we tend to lose our silliness.  Juggling kids or a career (or both!) we might believe there’s “no time” to be silly.  Getting wrapped up in the troubles and decisions of every day life puts an incredible amount of stress on our body.  Being silly relieves that stress in a very natural, fun way.   So the next time you see someone being silly — instead of thinking “grow up” or “don’t you have anything better to do?” — go get your own silly on!

Laughter increases the flow of blood and helps the cardiovascular system, and the deep breathing you create during laughing helps the lymph system circulate.  When we laugh, our bodies release adrenaline, dopamine, and endorphins.   Laughter also helps our immune system believe it or not because it makes anti-bodies!  Your muscles will be relaxed up to an hour after a good long belly laugh.

So you see, being silly is good for you all the way around — mentally and physically!

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