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Word Board Games for Family Game Night

By Jessicanunemaker @JessNunemaker

Every so often I can talk my husband into playing a word game for family game night! Now that our oldest is an advanced reading, we can let him join in on the competitive spelling fun!

We’ve enjoyed the following family board games–and the vintage Hangman game really got our son interested in spelling a year or two ago. Although they are still family games, kids will need to be able to read to play them so keep that in mind.

Family Game Night Word Board Games

Password Game by Milton Bradley

Password Game by Milton Bradley

Password Game by Milton Bradley – This is certainly a vintage board game, but it’s still fun! We like to bring the cards along in the car during our Indiana town travels. One person provides the clues while the rest of the family can guess the answer! Even the preschooler can join in.

Boggle by Parker Brothers – Can you find the words created by the letters in this plastic grid word game? Shake the dice, settle the letters, then set the timer as everyone scrambles to record their words. Three minutes later, players compare notes. Any matching words don’t count! It’s a fast playing game that’s quick to set up and easy to get into.

Upwords by Milton Bradley – A different take on Scrabble, in Upwords you lay out words as usual but now you can also play on top of words, too! Fun and a little easier, this would be great for a mix of ages and great practice for kids learning to read.

Hangman Game by Milton Bradley

Hangman Game by Milton Bradley

Hangman by Milton Bradley — Sure, you can grab a pencil and paper, but this vintage version of Hangman makes it really fun for kids! Why, I don’t know, but I do remember playing it when I was a kid and was very happy to find it again at an Indiana antique shop! Kid #1 thinks it’s pretty neat! Set up your letter tiles, create your word, and turn the knob at every wrong guess.

Scrabble by Hasbro - It’s a classic game for a reason! Scrabble is a great word game–when you are winning! Player take turns creating words out of seven blindly chosen tiles. Play words on the specially marked spaces for an extra bonus! Here’s my favorite word to use: quat. It comes in handy! Remember that one–you will use it often!

Deluxe Clever Endeavor Board Game by MindGames

Deluxe Clever Endeavor Board Game by MindGames

Clever Endeavor Deluxe Version by MindGames — You get six clues, one at a time. Try to guess the phrase or word and advance around the board based on how quickly you guessed the answer! Just know that your opponent gets to choose the order of the clues that are read. With eight players or teams, this makes a great group game! It’s an older game so, yes, some of the people or things mentioned may no longer be common knowledge. We just skip those questions and move on. Still, we think it’s a fun form of trivia.

Family Game Night Best Word Board Games

We think it’s a nice and easy selection of word board games for the vocabulary loving members of your family!

Please, find them at an Indiana toy store near you.

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