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Wonder Wednesday Post: Clear Skin

By A Mused Blog @Amusedblog
This is my first Wonder Wednesday post. What are Wonder Wednesday posts? I have decided that they will be a picking of DIY's, tutorials, reviews, inspiration or editorial. Anything that brings curiosity and wonder. I will be creating these posts twice monthly, and should you ever want to sort through them, I have a link button set up in the sidebar.
Wonder Wednesday post: Clear SkinThis month's first W.W post is about clear skin. I know that for some of us this can be a touchy subject: maybe some have struggled with not-so clear skin in the past - or maybe some are still struggling with it. It is easily a sensitive subject. Here I share some of my tried and true products, in hopes that some of these will work for you too! For me two of my best discoveries have been the facial wash and the moisturizer. And the facial brush. Okay, so pretty much everything I mention in the video.
Have any questions? I'll be happy to try and answer them! I certainly do not have all the answers to clear skin, and I don't have the solution to all skincare problems, but I have shifted through enough skincare products to know that when you (finally!) find a few, or a combination of a few that do work, hold on and stock up!PhotobucketPS a very excited welcome to my new follower Fashionnard. I am so thrilled to have you here!!

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