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Women Can Brew Beer Too!

By Chelseajmartin

Barley Angles

I recently read “Shattering Beer’s Glass Ceiling” in The Atlantic and it reminded me of how much I enjoyed brewing beer when I’ve done it in the past.  I spent more than a few years working in a local home brew store and learned how to whip up a batch of beer that I could enjoy. My favorite batch was a raspberry wheat beer with a touch of honey. So tasty!

Not only did the article allow me to reminisce about my brewing experience but it made me smile to know women are leaving their mark on the brewing industry as both consumers and brewers. More women drink beer then ever before, probably because it is delicious, and women are seeing the craft beer industry as an outlet for creativity.

Brewing is a great activity for beer lovers, whether done at a craft brewery or in a home kitchen. If you’ve been thinking about giving it a try it will only take a few google searches to see all of the resource and diversity in the brewing community. If you’re not up making your own be sure to support your local craft brewer. My personal favorite is Arbor Brewing Company. They brew their beer at Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti, that has a great tasting room and very relaxing beer garden when the weather is nice. If you’re not in Michigan, there is an abundant number of brewers and breweries all across the country. (Thank goodness because I travel and love checking them out when I visit new places.)

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